Dub Thompson

The Echo Presents

Dub Thompson

Hooray for Earth, The Vivids

Wed, July 30, 2014

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

This event is 18 and over

Dub Thompson
Dub Thompson
Take the 101 north out of Los Angeles, and you'll pass by Agoura Hills, where the core duo of the band Dub Thompson grew up. Whatever you see in that town won't readily prepare you for the music they wrote while there, but you're free to look.

"Most everyone who's in a group who's our age lives on the Internet," says guitarist Matt Pulos. "The kinds of things that have shaped our band aren't anchored to any one time or place."

Pulos and his bandmate, drummer Evan Laffer, are currently both 19 years old, and are putting that line of thought to the test; their musical influences travel from the Midwestern malaise of Big Black and Pere Ubu, to Kraut pioneers Can and Kraftwerk, while bowing to the British belligerence of The Fall and This Heat.

Recorded while living with Foxygen's Jonathan Rado at his rented house in Bloomington, the band had its first taste of a heavy Indiana summer, and all the humidity and insect life that buzzes along with it. "We woke up every day, hard-boiled eggs and stood on a porch," says Pulos of the experience.

Their first collection of songs slyly unties the shoes of genre and convention, shapeshifts mischievously, and tramples on the promises delivered on the name itself.

There are only eight songs on this rangy debut.

Intense blasts of hook-filled noise rock ("Hayward!"), rocksteady marionette stomp ("No Time"), hypnotic bouts of doomy poetics ("Epicondyles"), outlandishly sexy groove rock (Dograces), and a number of other bite-sized forays into parts unknown are made manifest across 9 Songs.

The vibes are strong here. Pulos sings and plays like he's working out long-standing grudges, pulling the most sinewy tones from an acoustic guitar and ripping huge chunks of demon flesh out of his electric. Laffer matches him step for step on the drums, an exacting presence behind the kit who pushes even the band's more placid moments into bouts of tension. Together they succeed in animating their musical ideas to startling, almost unnatural life. Reverb units, keyboards, samples and processing gluing everything together, saturated in the August heat and worn in until they sound second nature, it's like somehow you've been listening to these songs forever.
Hooray for Earth
Hooray for Earth
Hooray for Earth is a New York City-based rock band originated from the home-recordings of singer and multi-instrumentalist Noel Heroux. The group first emerged publicly as Hooray for Earth in late 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts.[1]

The band played shows and self-released early demo recordings locally in Boston and the surrounding area until Heroux moved to New York City in August 2007.[2] On February 26, 2008, Dopamine Records released the six-track Cellphone EP.[3]

In 2009, a second EP, Momo, was released by eMusic Selects. [4] Dovecote Records later re-issued Momo (June 1, 2010) including an additional track, new artwork and CD/Vinyl formats.[5]

In October 2010, Hooray for Earth's one-off single "A Place We Like" was released as a free download.[6] The song, recorded at RAD Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is a collaborative production between Hooray for Earth and Brooklyn musician Twin Shadow.

In July and August 2010, Heroux spent six weeks writing and recording material for Hooray for Earth's first full-length LP, True Loves.[7][8] Heroux performed, engineered and produced the album, with Joseph Ciampini, Christopher Principe and Gary Benacquista entering the studio periodically with instrumental contributions.[9] Several of the album's songs feature vocal contributions by New York City noise-pop group and frequent collaborators Zambri. The album was mixed by Chris Coady. True Loves was released by Dovecote Records on June 7, 2011.[10]

London based record label Memphis Industries released True Loves in Europe in February 2012, with lead single "No Love" landing prominently on BBC's Radio 1 playlist.[11]

Dovecote Records released two stand-alone tracks, "Never" and "Figure", digitally in August, 2012. Pitchfork Media featured an accompanying music video in December.[12]

On April 3rd, 2014, Hooray for Earth released a teaser trailer for their upcoming album "Racy" which is slated to release in the summer of 2014.
The Vivids
The Vivids
The Vivids, composed of lead singer/guitarist Sim Jackson, live aspects Jonny Yela (bass) and Gustov Mentzer (drums) formed in Long Beach, California ("...this drugged up beach side town," as Jackson sings in "Here Comes the Chain" from their first E.P.) in 2010. They play with an energy and focus that recall post-/art-punk touchstones like A Certiain Ratio, The Names, Wall of Voodoo, Gun Club or
Devo and the Talking Heads at their edgiest, while flirting with psychedelic guitar leads and the occasional surf warble.

Imagine Martin Hannett producing the Ventures or the deepest cuts from Factory Records poured through a filter of shoegaze and hard-luck street punk. This is not the sunshiny day music of coastal contemporaries Best Coast or Wavves; it's music that floats through dingy, smoky beach flat apartments and simultaneously unnerves as it soothes, the washes of guitar grounded by the metronomic rhythm section, coming on like the very beginning of a particularly intense trip as your stomach churns a bit in anticipation of an unknown soon to be revealed and leaving with the low menace of the rumbling ocean outside as you try to fall asleep on a pile of sheets on the floor.

This is music every bit as intense and powerful as the band's name would indicate. For more information, visit soundcloud.com/thevivids or thevivids.bandcamp.com or write the band at thevividsla@gmail.com

--- Tom Child (LA Record)
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The Echo
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