MOUNTAIN feat. Corky Laing

Spaceland Presents

MOUNTAIN feat. Corky Laing

Dream Club, Mind Meld

Wed, June 21, 2017

8:00 pm

The Regent Theater

Los Angeles, CA

$22.50 - $42.50

This event is 18 and over

CORKY LAING (CAN) is a drummer, songwriter, singer and a raconteur. He is best
known as the drummer of the legendary bands Mountain (1969-) and West, Bruce &
Laing (1973-75). Mountain toured and recorded on and off until 2010.
In the late 70s Corky released his solo album “Making it on the Streets” that is often cited
as an overlooked pioneer of AOR. In the early eighties Corky recorded with an indie
band called the Mix and at the end of 1990s he got together with Noel Redding (Jimi
Hendrix’s Experience) and Eric Schenkman (Spin Doctors) to form the band Cork.
In the 90s Corky worked for several years as the vice president, A&R, of Polygram
Records, Canada. During that time he produced bands like Men Without Hats and
Bootsauce. He also had his own radio show, Under the Rock, in Canada, has published an
anecdotal road-stories book, Stick it! and has his one-man show, The Best Seat in the
House, a humorous autobiographical production that combines storytelling and music.
During the past couple of years Corky has been busy with Playing God: The Rock Opera –
a critically acclaimed collaboration with two Finnish philosophers. In 2014 he was
awarded the Bonzo Bash Legend Award (following Bill Ward, Carmine Appice and Peter
Criss). Corky performs frequently and from 2015 onwards he has been touring across
Europe and the US with CORKY LAING plays MOUNTAIN.
Dream Club
Dream Club
Justin Warfield - Vocals & Guitar
Gianni Garofalo - Bass
Justin "Dusty" Rocherolle - Drums & Harmonies
Stefanie King-Warfield - Vocals & Percussion
Jamie Arentzen - Lead Guitar
Hailing from Los Angeles, Dream Club are a group of friends who celebrate the spirit of
their hometown and it's rich musical history by playing California Rock thick with 3-part
harmonies, sun drenched melodies, psychedelic jams and haunting lyrics. Evoking the
spirits of the canyons, beaches, hills, valleys and alleys; hook-filled tunes stretch out
into 70’s workouts, and whether you’re listening on a set of headphones or standing in
the crowd, it’s sure to have you humming along and dancing like no one is watching.
Formed in 2013 when two friends got together to catch up and ended up writing 3
songs, friends were enlisted, late-night jams followed, and before they knew it, a band
was born. After a few residencies in Ojai, CA, they played shows in Venice Beach, Echo
Park, Indio, CA, then retreated home to record their debut, self-titled album.
Comprised of local music luminaries from acts such as The Green And Yellow TV, She
Wants Revenge, American Hi-Fi, Tape, and The Parallelograms, Dream Club will have
you feeling California, no matter where you’re at.
Mind Meld
Mind Meld
"Mind Meld is a kick-ass band from the Highland Park neighborhood of L.A. Conjuring up the oneness of being psychedelicized, the band definitely delivers. Their musical pedigree is impressive. Simultaneously heavy, bluesy, and mesmerizingly melodic, each member expertly commands their instruments and the vocals are equally as sweet. Their connectedness excites. The guitar and bass players, Bert and Erik (Jesus Sons) vacillate taking the lead. Bert shreds his guitar with pure unadulterated bliss, singing with vocal veracity. Erik ferociously fingers his bass creating a heavy, sonic wall of resonance while their drummer, Liz (previously of Endless Bummer), pounds out rhythmic, rocking madness as she rounds out their delightfully heavy bottom. Sometimes reminiscent of classic power trios as tasty as Cream, they have an added layer of scintillating sound provided by the keyboardist, Jeff (formerly of Froth) - the music pulses through him as he grooves with the band. Veering off, he creates this electrifying, psychedelic layer that adds depth to their sound. Cleverly crafted songs will incite you to move to their groove. Always a treat to see live, Mind Meld will steam the wrinkles from your brain. Embrace the oneness…consider your minds melded."
Venue Information:
The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA, 90013