The Echo Presents


Gruesome, Lody Kong, Thrown into Exile

Thu, May 4, 2017

8:30 pm


Los Angeles, CA

$9.50 - $23.50

This event is 18 and over

Max Cavalera is the walking embodiment of creative energy, of all of the diverse layers of urgency that are possible from that select few whose artistic output defines genres. Mystic shaman, protest singer, revolutionary hero, everyday metalhead, furious consumer of heavy music of all shades, husband, father, leader, songwriter... Cavalera reigns as the adoptive tribal chief of a generation of fans, stretching from the roughest slums of South America to the coldest confines of Russia. Anywhere that people are disenfranchised, the songs of SOULFLY serve as their anthems.

"I'm really excited to be signing SOULFLY to Nuclear Blast Records," commented legendary frontman Max. "On top of it, we're going to be reunited with Monte Conner who I've worked with for over 20 years at Roadrunner. SOULFLY's new album is going to be recorded in Seattle with the great producer Terry Date, and it's going to come out later in the year through Nuclear Blast worldwide. Keep it metal!"

Ever since the band's gold-certified debut in 1998, SOULFLY have become deadlier and more dangerous with each critically acclaimed successive release, and the 2013 released album Savages is no exception. Savages melds the most brutal, the heaviest and overall the most vibrant components that made up each record in SOULFLY's diverse catalog. By Max's own account, Savages is possessed of the tribal groove of the first two SOULFLY albums. Armed with Cavalera's four-stringed guitars, unmistakable growl and instantly recognizable riffage, the muddy tones and constant rhythmic bounce of SOULFLY has retained its gritty edge while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in metal.

"All of the things that make SOULFLY killer are combined in Savages," Max declares.
GRUESOME is a respectful a celebration of the sound of the early DEATH records. The band was borne out of guitarist/vocalist Matt Harvey and drummer Gus Rios' mutual involvement with the DEATH TO ALL tours (Harvey serving as frontman for the original nine-member mini-tour and Rios performing "Baptized in Blood" and working with DTA drummer Sean Reinert on the following US tour where EXHUMED filled in as support on a few dates). The pair stayed in touch and discussed their mutual love (obsession?) for the early half of DEATH's catalog. After discussing and discarding the idea of putting together another incarnation of DTA to focus exclusively on the first two albums, Harvey half-jokingly suggested writing their own songs in that vein. It wasn't long before the idea gained traction, and the "band" had five songs written. With Harvey writing in California, Rios recruited POSSESSED guitarist Daniel Gonzalez and DERKETA bassist Robin Mazen to record the material in Florida, while Harvey tracked his vocals on the west coast. The result is a truly gruesome slab of late-80s / early 90s "Florida Death Metal" that specifically celebrates the early DEATH records. Tragically, there will never be any truly new DEATH material, but GRUESOME is humbly determined to keeping the band's classic sound alive as faithfully as possible.
Lody Kong
were out here to make your ears feel like they are trippin on acid. were four crusty fucks who just want to break shit and get crazy everywhere we go. our music will be uploaded in the next couple months, keep it posted bitches burd.
Thrown into Exile
Thrown into Exile
Thrown Into Exile, is a Los Angeles based metal act whose music has been described as aggressive, fast, and moody. Drawing their influence from such bands as Fear Factory, Soilwork, and Machine Head, the band’s music ranges from thrash to death metal. Combined with lead singer Henry Derek’s powerful voice and socially conscious lyrics, Thrown Into Exile hits hard and fast.

The band’s name comes from their belief that at some point in life everyone has felt singled out based on their views or opinions – being Thrown Into Exile. With music and lyrics that tap into feelings of pain, loneliness and what makes a person hurt, they trying to dig through the skeletons in the closet and release them.
Venue Information:
1822 W. Sunset Blvd
The Echoplex is located below The Echo, enter through the alley at 1154 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026