The Echo Bar & Grill Presents


NK Riot, Melted Bodies

Wed, March 1, 2017

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$9.50 - $11.50

This event is 18 and over

We begin in the year 2008 with Josh, Dan and Brian. Three unassuming, well mannered and fun-loving fellows from a town near the sea. Regressed, mutated and collectively known as Fartbarf, they somehow bring us all into the future, captivating audiences with relentless melodies, robotically tight rhythms, and danceable beats by use of a strict limitation of tools at hand; vintage analog synthesizers, vocoders, drum machines, analog modular systems, and live drums.
NK Riot
NK Riot
An imaginative electric orchestration of reverberating synth pop," is how listeners best describe Los Angeles based musician, NK-Riot. Conjured and critiqued throughout the winter of 2013, NK-Riot has evolved to what can only be referred to as dark and revolutionary cyber-grind music.
By combining dance-punk, and chip-tune noise such as, computer glitches, dial tones, and sub-Phatty rhythms, NK-Riot produces a unique analog experience.

NK-Riot's recent acclaims flourish among LA's underground, as well as the U.K. The Self titled Ep, "NKRIOT", Released in Fall of 2014, has made it's rounds on both grassroots compilation radio, and internet podcast, such as, 88.9 KXLU, 88.7 KSPC, and KSCR Podcast. In Early 2015 "LP DISCO 83" a single from the Self Titled Ep, released a music video with guest appearance cameo by Jeremy Ruzumna, Keyboard Player oKevin:m:m:f Fitz and The Tantrums, and also featuring the historic 6th Street bridge in Boyle Heights, LA.

The titled Ep, "Radio Walk", featuring hit single "Hey It Ya", has been in rotation on 94.7 Saint FM, along with the full length debut album, "Origins of Evolution." The LP demonstrates the beginning of a new musical direction; one that stems from the roots of funk, experimental rock, break-beat, fusion, trance, and dance.

Nk-Riot uses technology to share his vision with the public. Summer of 2015, NKRIOT developed his "Holo Display." A hand-held, portable plastic device that users simply place on their mobile phones to see any holographic video in 3D. He released this device to the public to accompany his latest music video for the song "We are the Future." To honor his love for the film "Back to the Future," he worked alongside director Ben Trandem to take viewers on a journey through time. In the video, Nk-Riot drives around in a flashy Delorean, making for an amazing handheld adventure when viewed with the Holo-Display.

Nk-Riot has also put together his own music equipment setup called The Riot Lab. Made up of effects processors, synthesizers, and who knows what else, it is custom built, chrome-plated, and one of a kind. NK uses this unique machine to create electrifying, funky dance beats that can accompany electric guitar solos and vocals, making them sound arena-ready.

In addition to the raw eccentricities of this live solo-project, is the anonymity, in hopes to preserve the quality and focus of the music.

Nk-Riot's first full length album is due in February of 2016 on limited-edition vinyl.
Melted Bodies
Melted Bodies
Hi, we’re Melted Bodies.

Melted Bodies creates music for people to propel their limitless potential.

Let us find out just how far limitless potential can take us. We aim to inspire a can-do attitude that’s relevant, relatable, safe, and accessible to everyone. Instead of breaking boundaries, let’s shatter them into a million mobile-friendly pieces, together. Motion creates emotion, and emotion creates content that challenges our core cultural influencers in our ever-increasingly connected world.

These are all ideas and themes that we can leverage and take advantage of in the new media democracy. We are here to target influencer content and engage media partners through collective storytelling and game-changing ideas. Autonomous social media helps drive peer to peer authentic engagements that can be tracked and measured to create augmented experiences which can then be leveraged to connect human truths. Our aim is to pander to the needs and wants of these global progressive influencers and pander we will.

Fuck me. Fuck you.
Venue Information:
The Echo
1822 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90026