The Hangmen

The Echo Presents

The Hangmen

Sinner Sinners

Sun, January 22, 2017

8:00 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$8.00 - $9.50

This event is 18 and over

The Hangmen
The Hangmen
“Imagine a band that embodies the ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Trinity of R’ - that is ROLLING STONES blues swagger, RAMONES relentlessness and REPLACEMENTS attitude-drenched cool - yet also knowing that on any given day RADIO BIRDMAN could challenge any of those bands and come out on top. Well, that band exists in the form of California’s THE HANGMEN. The band captures all the arrogance, decadence, danger and sneering cool that every garage Rock 'n’ Roll band ever aspired to. This 18 track comp compiles songs from four previous albums plus three unreleased crackers (produced by CIRCLE JERK Keith Morris no less). Highlights? So many: opener 'Blood Red’, 'Rotten Sunday’, the bludgeon of 'The Devil’ and the countrified swagger of 'Can’t Stop That Train’. Don’t take my word for it; the sleeve is littered with praise for the band from luminaries such as Keith Morris, Mike Ness, Eddie Spaghetti and more. And in vocalist/ guitarist/ leader Bryan Small the band has one of the most laid back, fluid and sneering deliveries you’re gonna hear. If the bands mentioned mean anything and THE HANGMEN don’t - go get this… NOW.”

“This Sept. 13 release collects the best of the Los Angeles band that formed in 1986. The Hangmen (Bryan Small/vocals, guitar; Rane Raisikka: guitar, vocals; Angelique Congleton: bass, vocals and drummer Dino Guerrero) have toured w/ Social Distortion, Supersuckers and many others. Their punk-flavored songs have been heard on The Shield, The Unit, and Brotherhood.” Sun Herald

“Snotty Bastards Alert!! These guys aren’t just imitating the Stones in several respects (cover, title, certain cuts, etc.) but also the Kingsmen, Kinks, Sex Pistols, half of CBGB’s, Nils Lofgren, and a whole bunch of the rough-siders as they fleer, sneer, thrash guitars, stomp and shout, and, hold on there, Lemuel, they’re most likely eyeing your nubile young daughter to boot! The Hangmen were one of L.A.’s finest punchy ensembles and much admired by cats like Keith Morris (Circle Jerks), Rob Younger (Radio Birdman), Mike Ness (Social Distortion), and others Lost Rocks, culled from four albums along with bonus unreleased cuts, vividly demonstrates why. For one, there’s also a shitload of early Stooges-type finest moments here, and while the four gents mostly keep to the kind of pounding simplicity that typified the punk movement and much of the 60s music they so admired, there’s also a surprising amount of sophistication in the guitars of Brian Small and Rene Raisikka, not to mention some compositional subtleties that aren’t always noted on the first go-round. This, I have to suspect, accounts for the band’s elevated status among the razors-n-nipple-rings crowd, 'cause one of the deepest, darkest, nastiest, most embarrassing secrets of punk is this: while the yobs were excoriating the hippies, the true musicians among them were gobbling up 70s materials like there was no tomorrow. That, after all, is how they learned to compose beyond ¾ and kindergarten rhyming stanzas. Yeah, Lost Rocks is definitely headbangin’, skankin’, spazzin’, birdflip music that muscularly revivifies the arrogance of adolescence, testosterone sonic mayhem, and a lot of dinosaurs my age are going to be a bit knocked off their pins to find quality the level of Lord Sutch, Ray Davies, Blue Cheer, Jagger-Richards at their early rawest, and all the prototype brash boys who liked their thudbump with a lot of sandpaper and concrete blocks in it. Beware, children of the 60s: while your hairline is making a beeline for your behind, The Hangmen will short out your hearing aids and put Jolt Cola in yer pacemakers. I doubt you’ll be complaining about it, though, 'cause this is great shit, and there’s 18 cuts worth of it.”

“Wow, man. This disc is so hardcore. The Hangmen are one of the most under-rated groups, ever. This long over-due retrospective is a phenomenal tribute to a sensational band. Whoever put it together ought to think of giving the Coma-Tones, Tex and The Horse Heads, the Sea Hags, Beasts Of Bourbon, and the Nymphs a similar treatment. Somebody went out of their way to really create an extraordinary package, here. The celebrity endorsements are incredible. Keith Morris, Mike Ness, Chris D., Eddie Spaghetti, and Rob Younger all take their leather newsboy caps, or Sinatra fedoras off, and proudly, knock back a quadruple shot of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, in honor of Bryan Small, and company. Sami Yaffa has jammed with them. I’ve covered them. The Hangmen were always total fuckin’ badasses, what every other streetwise glam/trash/blues-punk band PRETENDS to be. This C.D. smokes almost everything else you got in that stack of scratchy discs, piled up by your computer. THE HANGMEN catalog is available on the planet Earth’s coolest remaining indie-label, Acetate, and this killer compilation is available through a licensing agreement with the Finnish label, Hype Records. If you’re a full-time rock'n'roll motherfucker, you won’t need me to tell ya 'bout the Hangmen.” Sugarbuzz Magazine

“Raw and honest garage/roots punk from Los Angeles, these guys (and girl) have all the rock swagger and snarl of the greats. There’s some Stooges, some Stones, some punk, Johnny Thunders…you get the picture. “Bent” is a junkies lament, with a good amount of Americana thrown in for good measure. This is top-tier, high-octane rock. Some tracks are produced by Mike Ness (of Social Distortion), so you know the pedigree must be good, and fans of Social D will easily appreciate these gritty and streetwise songs. “Desperation Town” is nothing but a classic rock song you don’t yet know. Ditto for “Wild Beast”. “Rotten Sunday” carries a massive guitar riff that’s as ugly as the Stooges and that’s a great thing in itself. If you’re looking for balls-out rock without pretension, this is it. All hail the Hangmen! “
Sinner Sinners
Sinner Sinners
Originally from France and the Netherlands, married couple Steve and Sam founded Sinner Sinners in 2009. The first album "Cardinal Sins" (produced by Nic Jodoin and Pascal Mondaz) was released in 2011 and featured appearances from many affiliated bands such as The Morlocks, Time Again, The Elderberries, Cocoon. The album artwork was designed by world renowned tattoo artist Dan Smith (Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo). The band relocated in Los Angeles the same year and have been touring on both sides of the Atlantic, sharing the stage with bands such as Refused, Black Flag, Eagles of Death Metal, Jello Biafra, The Sonics, and many more. They have since released their "XI" album in 2014. But seriously, who reads these things?

"Sinners Sinners arrived from France to California 4 years ago, but they have already become one of the loudest punk sensations of Los Angeles." Rolling Stone Magazine

"A band that makes a noise that feels unfettered by genre or sense of time and place. If only all bands had this spirit the world of modern music would be a far richer and more exciting place." - The Rock Pit

Sinner Sinners is a Dutch-French ultrasonic fusion formed by married couple Sam and Steve Thill in 2009.
After the release of the band's initial album in 2011, the dark duo relocated from France to Los Angeles. The sound of Sinner Sinners is a movtov cocktail thrown in the street, exploding with the intensity of early '80s hardcore fused with an incendiary '70s goth punk ethos. Whichever side of the dark flare you may fancy, Optimism Disorder burns with a neurotic post-punk brightness guaranteed to spontaneously combust your senses on impact.

In the meantime, check out Sinner Sinners on Facebook and - the band's official webstie.

"...One of the loudest punk sensations of Los Angeles." -- Rolling Stone Magazine
Venue Information:
The Echo
1822 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90026