The Fresh and Onlys

The Echo & Oh My Rockness Present

The Fresh and Onlys

Terry Malts, Exploding Flowers

Fri, September 7, 2012

8:30 pm

The Echo

Los Angeles, California

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 18 and over

The Fresh and Onlys
The Fresh and Onlys
The Bay Area's own Fresh & Only's have really come into their own since I last saw the group, with lineup changes that nixed tambourine girls and took the band away from the rest of the
garage rock pack into something darker and different. A mix of Joy Division and nostalgic guitar rock, reminiscent of the most rockin' Cure songs spliced with a tiny bit of spaghetti western scores, the Fresh & Only's will surely please just about any discerning music lover. At a live show there's twang, jangle, and psychedelia aplenty.

Noise Pop: How did you meet?

Shayde Sartin of F&O's: A record store. That evolved into many nights getting drunk together and eventually playing music together.

NP: Pitchfork recently called y'all "Jangle Rockers," what do you think about that?

S: There are worse things to be called. And we do love to jangle. I would say we have no problem with name calling.

NP: Are you excited about your Noise Pop show?

S: Very excited for the show. Ramona at Bottom of the Hill is great and I always enjoy playing there. It has a very San Francisco feel to it as well. Noise Pop has always been an exciting week as well.

NP: Do you use San Francisco as inspiration for creating, and/or what is your main inspirations, what are you fascinated by?

S: If you're not influenced by your immediate surroundings then you probably looking in the wrong direction. San Francisco has always been a huge part of our inspiration. It's really a small
town so there's always a very intimate feeling. Not just with the people but the places and the history as well.

NP: What do you try to bring to your live shows (good vibes, lucky charms, etc)?

S: I feel like we all try to bring something different. But collectively our goal is total domination.

Terry Malts
Terry Malts
"After careful, weeklong consideration, San Francisco trio Terry Malts went forth to record a debut LP as per the request of Slumberland Records. Displaying a slick, intelligent take on modern chainsaw pop, Killing Time certainly lives up to its name! Who are Terry Malts? A Yellow Pages private dick has gleaned the following: Corey Cunningham (guitar, backing vox), of Dickson, Tennessee-by-way-of-a-cardboard-box-in-Toronto, was asked to housesit in Fresno, CA. Duties fulfilled, he shot north on a graffiti trip to 924 Gilman Street and immediately bonded with fellow men’s room “artists” Phil Benson (bass guitar, lead vox) and the unfortunately named Nathan Sweatt (drums, backing vox). Hands shook, vibes exchanged; the trio felt compelled to distill their energy into a unified voice. The Terrys’ gospel is succinct, direct, sincere and timed expertly with next year’s looming apocalypse: life is hopeless, enjoy! With a live reputation that bleeds funky “punk” attitude, the trio crammed this urgency into the Terry Malts studio edition. Recorded by a machine, then expertly mixed by human being Monte Vallier (Swell, Half Church), Killing Time may compel you to type the following buzzwords into your blog (which, I love, by the way!): catchy, husky, hunky, sharp, blue-collar, rocking, hockey-rock, working-class, perfect, near-perfect, not-half-bad, and / or not-bad. It’s an album, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a 34-minute hour of pure, unadulterated Malts… all right?"
Exploding Flowers
Exploding Flowers
Venue Information:
The Echo
1822 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, California, 90026