The Echo’s 15th Anniversary!

The Echo is turning 15 years old in December! We’re so lucky and grateful to have shared so many special moments with you over the years. If you feel inclined, please share your favorite Echo memory with us by filling out THIS FORM or hashtagging your memory on social with #Echo15!

We’ve selected a handful of Echo shows to celebrate our anniversary. Follow us on social for updates & fun surprises on these show nights!


Shared Echo Memories

“My boyfriend and I chose to hang out in Echo Park on our first date in May 2014. We met at Lot 1, got a quick bite at Two Boots, then decided to go next door to The Echo where they were having a karaoke event. I was already falling pretty quickly at this point, but The Echo is where I got all the fuzzy feelings inside that he was the one.”

– Anonymous

“My favorite memory at the Echoplex was in 2013 seeing Deer Tick! I twisted my ankle earlier in the night and Deer Tick put on a show that was just too good not to dance to- resulting in 2 friends having to carry my limpyass to the car afterwards. I ended up almost spraining it but the throbbing kankle was worth a beautiful night of Deer Tick 💜 Thanks for the wild times Echo, and happy 15th!!!!!”

– Sydney Elayne Filijan

“My favorite Echo memories include: my band, Spirit Vine, playing throughout the years, that Liz let us book shows, and most importantly, our residency. Thank you Liz and crew!”

– Aaron Bustos

“Among many memorable nights, what stands out most is seeing the Mountain Goats on the “We Shall All Be Healed” tour–John Darnielle played solo much of the night, with Peter Hughes on bass and a few old friends on harmony. It was my first time seeing him live, and my first time at the Echo. Yes, he played “Going to Georgia,” “Cubs in Five,” and many more. What a fantastic set, what a fantastic artist, what a great space.”

– George Jarrett

“On 6/12/09, I took 10 friends to see Jay Reatard for my my 24th birthday. Jay and band played a ferocious set and after the show Jay wished me an Happy Birthday! This was my second and unfortunately last time seeing him as he passed away 6 months later.”

– Brett Boston

“My favorite memory at the echo was playing our first residency there. We were able to artisticly do what we wanted on stage and I will never forget that experience. I hope to do it all again soon.”

– Vahe Manoukian

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